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Overall Winners of Semester-long Senior Project

Brand: Farm to Feet

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Front of Store Brand Display in Great Outdoor Provision Co.

Point of Sale Display in Great Outdoor Provision Co.

Integrated Marketing Campaign 

Promotional Video

Point of Sale Display in Great Outdoor Prov. Co.

In-store Display for Great Outdoor Provision Co. 

Located in the front of Great Outdoor Provision Company, the display will be the first thing the customer sees when they walk in. The display goes along with Great Outdoor’s store image and aesthetic, with the size of the table, the different props, and products used.

Since many customers come to Great Outdoor looking for Patagonia, our display features Patagonia products. This initially grabs their attention, then they are directed to learn about the Farm To Feet brand.

To tie in our display with our marketing campaign “The Recipe of U.S.”, we highlight the different ingredients that make up Farm to Feet’s all-American supply chain recipe using the wool sliver, spindles, and socks. We also wanted to display the socks in a way that makes them shoppable for customers.

We used phrases like “Camp with U.S.”, “Hike with U.S.”, and “Connect with U.S.” to connect the campaign to the consumer and show them how Farm to Feet fits into their everyday lives and outdoor activities.  

Custom Built Fixture complementing both Farm To Feet's and Great outdoor provision's aesthetic.

Mounted Farm To Feet sign and built-in shadow box outlines Farm To Feet’s 100% American supply chain and teaches the consumer about the brand, thus creating brand loyalty.

This fixture is double-sided and can be rearranged to display different styles of socks such as men’s and women’s socks, or everyday and sporting styles.

The wood, pipes, and hooks work together to complement the outdoor aesthetic of the Farm to Feet brand. The wheels on the bottom of the fixture allow for the display to be moved around easily, but can be locked in place to prevent movement while customers are shopping.

The ultimate goal is to attract the consumer to the product by teaching them about the Farm to Feet supply chain recipe. This in turn create a strong connection to the brand that drives them to purchase a product.

Point of Sale Display for

Great Outdoor 

Provision Co. 

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